Wellness and Massage sessions

YATRA MASSAGE – Holy Journey Massage

Massage philosophy

Our relationship with our body is too often source of sadness, even sometimes a taboo that brings difficulties in life. Learning again how to feel our body, our emotions, how to relieve tensions, stress, allows very often finding joy in life and happiness…

The body, on its physical and spiritual level, is an inseparable set, which it is necessary to keep combined and known. Yoga, breath and massage are there to help us to live fully in our body. Massage can be considered as an alternative medicine, especially in terms of prevention, or therapeutic accompaniment. Used daily this way for centuries in numerous civilizations, even today, massage can be part of a daily routine.

Working on a body is not just a physical experience. Forgetting its spiritual aspect is an error we pay in everyday life. Tensions, which we feel further as frustration, or emotion, are as much perceptible as a cramp following a physical effort. Our feelings, our sensations inscribe also on physically various regions in our body, block vital energies, and can cause later on pains and depressive states, even contribute to serious pathologies development.


My massages

face massage : anti-wrinkles or beauty, one of these massages will help you refresh and shin your skin, and feel even more relax

anti-wrinkle massage (face) : jealously kept secret of Âyurveda, this massage of the most sensitive parts of the face has a guaranteed anti-ageing and relaxing effect.

– anti-wrinkle massage (face) : 35 €, products included

beauty massage (face) : indispensable complement to the anti-wrinkle massage, this massage uses wild rice and several fruits and vegetables, among others, to deeply feed, shin, clean and hydrate skin.

                       – beauty massage (face) : 35 €, products included

abhyanga massage (whole body) : traditional ayurveda from the South of India, these massages use various techniques to relieve the body, massage blocked areas, relax muscles, drain the lymph… According to the direction of massage and pressure on various zones and marma points (vital points, comparable to the Chinese traditional points of acupunctures), this massage will proivde a deep relaxation, and a nice nourishing tissue effect.

            – abhyanga massage 60 minutes : 35 €

 – pantha massage ( whole body) : marriage between ayurveda tratidion and thai yoga knowledge, this massage is ideal to loosen the body, the joint, and help with the aging-challenges… This massage, practised regularly, releases many blockings, helps with arthritis and joints-articulatory problems, and gives to the body a better flexibility and thus, a better fluidity of all energies in the body…

– massage pantha 60 minutes : 45 € / 250 € week treatment (7 days)


As a point of interest

            There is no miracle without effort, or a certain rigor.  Actually, the healer is not the masseur itself, but the one receiving the massage. The masseur is only a channel, which allows his patient to use his own energies to treat himself. A mutual respect is indispensable.

            According to Âyurveda, it is also necessary to follow the « 7 days rule ». A treatment has to respect this âyurvedic law, which says that a therapeutic care, to be completely effective, is received during 7, 14 or 21 days. The massage, in the same way as the medication, is considered as being an integral part of the therapy.